EXCLUSIVE RAW INTEL: Images From Kabul Suicide Bombing; ISIS Claims Credit For Water Tanker Bomb Near Embassies That Killed 80+


This is a raw Intel report from the ground from our Intel sources in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Today 31 May 2017, at approximately 0830hrs a suicide bomber detonated a vehicle packed with explosives in very close vicinity of the German & UK embassy located close to Zanbaq Square, street 14 of Wazir Akbar Khan, PD10 of Kabul city.  The explosion was very heavy and rocked Kabul city and happened in a very busy time as people were rushing to work. There are fears that scores of people have been killed or wounded in the incident.  According to Ministry of Public 80 people killed and 300 wounded. The area is completely cordon off by ANSF.

The attack happened while, on 29 May 2017 a threat of possible SVBIED against German embassy and the embassy was on a lock down. Due to the profile of the area which is a house for several embassies, IOs and Ministries, it is highly likely this route/area will be continued to be used by militants to attack high profile targets in the area for the foreseeable future. Kabul city is counted as very rich target area for militants, however militant do not have the ability to conduct large scale attacks, but attacks in from of IEDs, suicide /Complex attacks is always observes as high in the city……

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Massive VBIED
In Kabul just now shook our compound
Shook our compound from several Kms away it had to been over by PD9

Could be PD 5 Not far from the Embassy maybe 1500m
They were reporting on an IED in PD5 earlier this a.m. They may have tried to diffuse it and it detonated. PD5 looks to be the same general area as the plume in the photo.

Whatever it was it was a big one.

Waiting to get more accurate details. A lot of calls going on now.

It was a large, I bet 2,000-3,000lbs

Ok indication coming in is that VBIED in Whazir very close  to U.K. German Embassies

400m +~from US Embassy by Spinneys grocery store
Just in now
That was a significant device.
And it was right next to the U.K./German Embassies
But there had to be some, 1st report indicates now it MIGHT be a mini bus. Casualties for sure
Also we are thinking the IED which was found at 0815 from PD5 was a ruse to draw LE over and then the actually VBIED came in behind it while LE was pre-occupied.
We are about 4 Kms away and the shock wave shook our compound
If it was not a large vehicle, the power of the device and shock wave would likely indicate the signature of uniquely condensed and powerful explosive. Something this powerful in a vehicle and not a large vehicle would mean they are getting more advanced in IEDs and/or getting higher grade explosives.



FYI on a size comparison from last week-
Security Alert – Eastern Region, Nangarhar Province, Ghani Kheil District, Marco area – 22.05.17, 1100hrs – ANBP discovered 6250kg of Chemical and explosives materials from a Pakistani bus.  The bus was on route from Tourkham Pakistan border to enter Jalalabad city but was stopped by ANBP. The ANBP also detained the driver.Explosives were very high gradeAlso the type of the vehicle confirmed as Water Tanker and explosives 1500 kg or moreYes water tank loaded down, which makes more sense. It would have the physical capacity (struts and shocks) to carry the weight evenly so it would not draw attention and it would have the cubic space to contain it.Massive Water tank VBIED detonated in the day time during Ramadan when no one is supposed to be drinking water…that is some deep/profound CVE/COIN IRONY.

Some ideas on the psy/ops message behind it too:

1) sending a message to ISAF regarding the pending increase of re-engagement.

2) demonstrate the ability to attack in the most critical areas-although the route would have taken him directly infront of the US Embassy to Masoud circle if he had continued for another 400m to the East, so I think he probably got stopped by the ANP, was obstructed and decided to detonate on site.

3) kill civilians in close proximity to ISAF/RS as a symbolic message to alienate ISAF/RS from the populace.

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