EXCLUSIVE — DRUG-DEALER LIVES MATTER: Top Narcotics Task Force Ices ALL Criminal Cases Targeting Black Cartel Members, Black Drug Dealers


If you are black and involved in the illicit narcotics trade, you’re in luck. According to shocking revelations on the Thomas Paine Podcast, one of the country’s top top narcotics task force has been told to back off and “ice” all criminal cases involving black suspects. In a disturbing and dangerous game of criminal “woke,” African-American targets of criminal drug cases have received perhaps the best get-out-of-jail-free card. Meanwhile, if you’re a law-abiding citizen from out of state, you could face a fine and jail time for violating COVID-19 social distancing regulations. But drug dealers? Not so much. Listen above.

But what happens if you’re a Caucasian drug lord under investigation? Tough break. You still get probed.

This story is developing.

Listen to the insightful Thomas Paine Podcast Below --

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