EXCLUSIVE: BUSTED — Biden’s Sneak Off to Thanksgiving Party in Pennsylvania After Pledging to Stay Home, Urging Americans to Stay Locked in Homes on Holidays to ‘Save Lives’


Even as recent as yesterday Joe Biden was pleading with Americans to stay home for Christmas, just as he and wife Jill had done in a national Thanksgiving message to the nation. Do your part to save Americans.

A “gift” and “shared sacrafice” for Americans to stay locked up in their homes because “we’re all in this together” the Biden’s said after declaring they were also staying at home in Delaware on Thanksgiving with three family members. But when the cameras were turned off and the sun went down, the Thomas Paine Podcast has revealed the Biden’s saddled up with Secret Service convoy and trekked to a holiday party in Pennsylvania. Typical limousine liberals and monarchs.

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