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EXCLUSIVE: NYC Bombing Suspect Tried to Detonate Explosives During Police Chase


Ahmad Khan Rahami, the FBI’s primary suspect in connection to explosions in Chelsea and New Jersey, has been arrested following a shootout with police that ended with two officers being injured, top law enforcement sources said.

Federal law enforcement sources told True Pundit that during brief car and foot chase with law enforcement Rahami ditched a heavy backpack which likely contains “serious explosives.” Law enforcement sources said the suspect was likely trying to detonate the backpack contents to kill or maim police officers in pursuit.

“He could have blown an entire city block and all of us with him,” the source said. “He didn’t just drop it. He threw it in the direction of police.”

Rahami, an Afghani national, was injured as well during a car and foot chase in Linden, NJ. Rahami is currently in custody in Linden Police Department, sources said. The sources said he would likely remain there to be interrogated by the FBI instead of transporting him to Union County Police headquarters or Newark FBI. It has been reported that at least one Linden police officer was shot in the chase to arrest Rahami.


Rahami’s backpack is currently isolated and nearby Linden residents have been evacuated, while police await the arrival of the Union County Bomb Squad and ATF agents who will examine the package. The squad lost a bomb technician robot yesterday trying to diffuse what they believe was another bomb planted by Rahami. The device exploded damaging the robot beyond use.

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