Ex-Goldman Billionaire Backs Warren Redistribution Plan, Tells ‘Rich’ To “Lighten Up”


While most billionaires and establishment elites have thoughtfully rejected  (or avoided discussion of) Elizabeth Warren’s (and Bernie Sanders’ for that matter) plans to unleash a wealth tax on the richest Americans, there appears to be a new champion in the virtue-signalling arena.

Billionaire Michael Novogratz, former Goldman Sachs partner and founder of crypto-fund Galaxy Investment Partners, told his fellow rich elites to ‘stop worrying so much about Elizabeth Warren’.

“You’re not victims, you’re the richest people in the world,”

“How in God’s name do you feel like a victim?”

In an interview at a benefit for Hudson River Park Friends, of which he’s chairman, Novogratz added that

“Ninety-seven percent of the people I know in my world are really, really fearful of her,

“They don’t like her, they’re worried about her, they think she’s anti-rich,”

“It’s a little carried away.”

As Bloomberg reports,  Warren has been gaining momentum in a huge field of candidates for the Democratic nomination, with plans for a wealth tax and tougher regulation. – READ MORE

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