Ex-ESPN Analyst Accuses John Buccigross of Unwanted Sexual Advances


A former analyst at ESPN has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit, claiming anchor John Buccigross repeatedly made unwanted sexual advances toward her.

Adrienne Lawrence says she was terminated after complaining about his behavior and that of other men at ESPN. Her lawsuit, filed in federal court in Connecticut, includes text exchanges, including one in which Buccigross sent Lawrence a shirtless photo of himself. “I’m a white boy and I’m jacked,” he allegedly wrote.

The lawsuit contends that Lawrence’s experiences fit a decades-long pattern of disregard for female employees at ESPN. The suit alleges that men at ESPN watch porn in the office, ogle their female colleagues, “groom” them for sexual relationships, and keep score among each other of sexual conquests. The suit includes extensive quotations from “Those Guys Have All the Fun,” an insiders’ history of the network, as well as several explosive allegations.

“It was an open secret at ESPN that certain female on-air talent provided sexual favors to management in exchange for on-air opportunities,” the suit states. “Women at ESPN are to be objects accessible to their male counterparts without objection.” – READ MORE

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