Ex-Con Facing Two New Felony Charges Helped Craft Sanders’s Criminal Justice Plan


The man who Nashville police say endangered the entire community by stealing the keys for a soon-to-be opened prison played a key role in forming Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I., Vt.) criminal justice plan.

Alex Friedmann, the managing editor of Prison Legal Newswas arrested and is facing two felony charges after he posed as a construction worker, entered the grounds of the Downtown Detention Center of the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office, stole keys from the site that could open 100 doors, and made a diagram of the jail’s layout, which he attempted to eat during his arrest.

Friedmann’s actions could delay the facility’s opening as new locks have to be installed. The Nashville police department said that he has “put the safety of the community in peril.”

Friedmann was hit with attempted burglary, evidence tampering, and the possession of burglary tools. He is facing two felony charges, the Huffington Post reported. – READ MORE

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