Ex-CNN host rips network: They give racists a platform as a ‘ratings ploy’


Former CNN host Soledad O’Brien on Sunday tore into the network on Twitter, accusing the cable news network of offering a platform to racists and white supremacists to boost ratings.

Responding to a tweet from Oliver Willis, a writer for the progressive website ShareBlue Media, that called out the network for allowing “abhorrent behavior” under the guise of just “hearing them out,” O’Brien said CNN gave “racists/white supremacists” a platform as a “ratings ploy.”

“This exactly—they give a platform—and their credibility—to racists/white supremacists/ all in the name of ‘hearing them out’ (which is a ratings ploy btw),” O’Brien wrote, retweeting comments from Oliver Willis, a senior writer at ShareBlue Media.

Willis wrote a series of tweets targeting the network for speaking out against certain behaviors and then having pundits on to defend those actions. – READ MORE

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