Everyone Involved in the Obamagate Scandal Ought to Be Very Worried About What Nunes Just Announced


Criminal referrals are imminent in the ongoing Obamagate probe, according to Devin Nunes, the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, who says that more people are coming forward with information into the attempted coup of President Trump.

Nunes also says that the investigation has expanded to include the Mueller investigation team.

“We’ve also expanded our investigation into the Mueller team and everything that happened with Mueller and the people at DOJ and FBI that were above Mueller. And so, we will be making criminal referrals in the coming weeks against the Mueller team. We’re just now putting that together and, of course, as always, waiting on more documents that we really need to come out,” Nunes told Gregg Jarrett on Fox News.

It’s been over a year since Mueller’s investigation vindicated Trump, but the investigation lasting as long as it did despite concluding rather quickly there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia has raised many questions. Trump often mocked the Mueller investigation as a “witch hunt.” By all indications, Mueller knew there was no collusion after about 6 months, but the investigation lasted a whopping 22 months. – READ MORE

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