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Evening Briefing: 10 things you need to know this Saturday Evening – June 17th 2017


Good evening.

Here’s what you need to know this Saturday PM.


1. Doctors Say Scalise Remains In Critical Condition, Shows Signs Of Improvement

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise remains in critical condition but is showing signs of improvement after sustaining injuries during a shooting at the GOP’s congressional baseball practice Wednesday, Dr. Jack Sava, the director of trauma at Medstar Wahington Hospital Center, said Friday.

2. Trump Headed To Camp David For First Time In Presidency

President Donald Trump, along with his wife Melania and son Barron, boarded Marine One Saturday for the family’s first visit to Camp David.

3. Lead Apple Supplier In Talks To Set Up First Plant In US

Foxconn, Apple’s lead manufacturing partner, is in talks with Wisconsin about opening of its first ever plant in the U.S., the Associated Press reports.

4. Here Is How Trump Will Shift Cuban Policy

Better travel to Cuba now while you can, as President Donald Trump just made it significantly more difficult to visit the island nation. The U.S. will move to better enforce the ban on tourism to Cuba.

5. Four US Soldiers Wounded In Apparent Afghan Insider Attack

Four U.S. soldiers were wounded Saturday in an apparent insider attack by Afghan soldier at a base in northern part of the country, The Wall Street Journal reports.

6. VIDEO: Multiple Sailors Missing After US Destroyer Collides With Container Ship

The U.S. Navy is searching for seven sailors after a destroyer collided with a merchant ship more than three times its size near Japan, according to the military.

7. Congress To Hold Hearing On ‘Assault’ Of Campus Free Speech

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley announced Friday a witness list for a hearing next week to explore First Amendment restrictions on college campuses.

8. Scalise Was In ‘Imminent Risk Of Death’ After Shooting, Doctor Says

According to doctors, Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise was in “imminent risk of death” when he arrived at MedStar Washington Hospital on Tuesday and endured several operations to steam a potentially fatal wound to his midsection that threatened numerous vital organs.

9. WATCH: Steve Scalise Can’t Defend Himself But MSNBC Is Back To Attacking Him Anyway

Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise is still hospitalized in critical condition but liberal MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid didn’t let that stop her from portraying Scalise as an extremist just three days after an angry left-winger shot Scalise and tried to assassinate dozens of Republican congressmen in Alexandria, Virginia on Wednesday.

10. ISIS Claims First Coordinated Attack In Jerusalem With One Police Officer Dead

The Islamic State has launched its first attack in Jerusalem, with the claim of responsibility almost immediately following an attack that left one Israeli police officer dead.

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