Even the New York Times is telling President Biden to stop with his executive orders


It turns out that it’s not just the right in America that is concerned about President Joe Biden’s raft of executive actions since he was sworn in just eight days ago.

Now even the editorial board of the New York Times is begging him to “ease up.”

In just his first week as president, Biden signed 37 executive actions, including a record-breaking 24 executive orders — despite having said during the 2020 campaign that dictators rule by executive order.

Despite that fact that the Times agrees with Biden’s left-wing progressive agenda, the paper published an editorial Wednesday calling on the president to go though the proper channels — meaning legislation passed by Congress.

The editorial, “Ease Up on the Executive Actions, Joe,” praised the president for working to overturn the work of former President Donald Trump, but said executive orders were not the way to do it. – READ MORE

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