Even the Left Is Slamming CNN’s Bullying of Female Trump Supporter: ‘Despicable,’ ‘Vile,’ ‘Awful’


Left-wing journalists Chris Hayes and Glenn Greenwald blasted the far-left CNN for ambushing a female Trump supporter in Florida earlier this week.

On Monday, CNN’s Drew Griffin tracked down a private citizen whose worst sin might have been sharing — without knowing she was doing so — a “Russian-coordinated event” on her Facebook page. Griffin proceeded to publicly shame this woman, even though his left-wing employer gave a Russian-coordinated event more publicity than Putin could have ever hoped for.

Michael Moore was also at that rally and as of now CNN has not demanded he answer for his “unwitting” Russian collusion.

This is not the first time the last-place cable channel has attacked an innocent civilian. Over a silly video that mocked CNN, CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski openly threatened its creator, warning him that if he ever did it again CNN would “dox” him, or publish his private information so the Internet could abuse him.




Many accused CNN of doxing this woman. The anti-Trump network told the whole world her name and even chose not to blur out the address number on her house. – READ MORE

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