Even Jimmy Kimmel Goes After House Democrats for Their ‘Chicken’ Stunt


Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night mocked Democrats in the House for using a chicken theme to go after Attorney General William Barr, even suggesting during his show that President Donald Trump could win re-election in November 2020 with these types of Democratic “sick burns.”

Barr’s decision not to appear on Thursday prompted Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) to bring a ceramic chicken to the hearing — as well as a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Cohen also called the attorney general of the United States “Chicken Barr.”

“The attorney general is here,” Cohen said as he pointed at the bucket, the chicken, and the empty seat meant for Barr. He then began munching on some of the KFC.

Comedian Kimmel didn’t go for this.

“Wow, what a sick burn that is,” Kimmel told his audience on Thursday night. “Trump’s gonna win again with stuff like that, isn’t he?” – READ MORE

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