Europe Wide Poll Shows Growing Distrust for Elites, Pessimism For Future


The newly released Project28 Europe-wide poll shows that ordinary people are becoming increasingly distrustful of political elites, that many are more pessimistic about the future, and a changing attitude to mass migration is developing.

The survey, which is conducted by the Hungarian Századvág Foundation think tank, reveals in increasing gap between the political elites in Europe and the people they govern on many issues. Over half of those surveyed said they did not trust their government at all, while only nine per cent said they totally trusted their own government.


Distrust was highest among Greeks with 82 percent of the citizens having no faith in their elected officials followed by Croatia at 70 percent and Italy at 69 percent. Malta had the most citizens who were trusting of their government with 32 percent agreeing, followed by Hungary at 29 percent.


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