ESTIMATE: Migrants have paid smugglers $690,440,000+ to cross porous US border — just since October!


It’s no secret that smugglers and organized crime cartels are making millions exploiting America’s porous southern border with Mexico, shuffling people, drugs, and money between the two countries.

But simple math suggests the exploding numbers of illegal immigrants coming into the U.S., multiplied by what they claim is the going rate for coyotes, may be funneling more money to bad hombres than most people realize.View image on Twitter

Charlotte Cutherbertson, reporter with The Epoch Times covering border security, put together a rough calculation of how much the smuggling industry alone likely generated so far in fiscal year 2019, and it’s a lot.

“460,294 = Border Patrol apprehensions for first 7 months of FY19,” Cuthbertson posted to Twitter Tuesday. “$1,500 = low-end price per head paid to smugglers – READ MORE

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