ESPN Warns Against ‘Political Bias’ With Social Media Policy Update, Violates Policy on Same Day


ESPN has often warned employees against displaying political bias on social media, but rarely enforced the rule expect against its conservative employees. Now the network is again reiterating its warning about bias in an update of its social media policies.

After several high profile cases of liberal bias by employees, ESPN has again noted its desire to have employees avoid exhibiting bias on social media. In a note to employees, the network warned its journalists to “refrain from discussing politics when using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.”

“Our engagement on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram should be civil, responsible and without overt political or other biases that would threaten our or your credibility with the public,” the policy says according to Fox Business Network. “Do nothing that would undercut your colleagues’ work or embroil the company in unwanted controversy.”

The updated social media policy is not much different than past proclamations against bias on social media, a policy that many ESPN employees have ignored with impunity.

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