ESPN Uses Chinese Propaganda in TV Graphic


ESPN on Wednesday evening showed a graphic recognizing China’s erroneous claim to own the South China Sea, despite the Permanent Court of Arbitration ruling against that claim in 2016.

While transitioning to a segment about the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team arriving in Shanghai for their Thursday game, ESPN showed a graphic of China with the so-called Nine-Dash Line. The dashed lines encircle the South China Sea, marking the large area of it the PRC claims to control.

The Heritage Foundation’s John Cooper posted the clip on Twitter.

China has repeatedly claimed it owns 90 percent of the South China Sea under a so-called Nine-Dash Line. but the Permanent Court of Arbitration, an international court located in the Hague, Netherlands, ruled in 2016 that China’s claim was illegal. The court said there was no evidence or historical context that showed China having exclusive control over the South China Sea or its resources. – READ MORE

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