ESPN Host Posts Poll: Is It ‘Funny’ That 1st NBA Player Not To Kneel, An Ordained Christian Minister, Suffered Season-Ending Injury


Last Friday, Jonathan Isaac of the Orlando Magic, who is an ordained Christian minister, became the first NBA player to refuse to kneel for the national anthem; he also would not wear the Black Lives Matter T-shirt his teammates were wearing.

On Sunday, as the Magic played the Sacramento Kings, Isaac suffered a season-ending ACL injury, which prompted ESPN radio host Dan Le Batard to post a poll question asking whether people thought the injury was “funny.”

The post prompted strong pushback. “Le Batard’s show is the epitome of far-left sports coverage,” Outkick the Coverage opined. “A player standing is so bothersome that it justified laughing at a gruesome injury. Could you imagine Le Batard running a similar poll if Colin Kaepernick went down with an injury? Of course not. He’d be met with a termination letter before he had time to check his Twitter account.”

Le Batard has called NFL owners “cowards” for not signing Kaepernick.

After the game on Friday, Isaac spoke to the press. He was asked, “Do you believe that black lives matter?” – READ MORE

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