ESPN ’30 for 30′ Doc Celebrates Transgender Wrestler Mack Beggs


ESPN recently debuted a documentary celebrating the high school wrestling career of Mack Beggs, the teenager who was born a girl, but transitioned to a boy and who won all his female wrestling titles after beginning a regime of testosterone treatments.

ESPN released the “story of struggle” of high school wrestler Mack Beggs in a 30-minute feature entitled Mack Wrestles.

Beggs, a 17-year-old transgender boy from Euless, Texas, became national news after winning the Texas state girls wrestling championship in 2017. The title capped off a 57-0, undefeated high school wrestling season.

Beggs wanted to wrestle in the boy’s category despite being born a girl, but Texas rules for high school wrestling requires students to wrestle under the gender that appears on their birth certificates. Beggs is a girl claiming to be a boy, so state rules required competition among girls.

But controversy arose because Beggs was taking testosterone treatments to facilitate a “transition” to a male. Critics said that the testosterone gave Beggs a significant edge over girls in the ring. And Beggs’s undefeated record lent credence to that criticism. – READ MORE

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