Eskimo Pie Ice Cream to Change ‘Derogatory’ Name


Eskimo Pie ice cream will undergo a name change after the owner company determined the name to be “derogatory,” Reuters reported on Friday.

Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, owner of Eskimo Pie, told Reuters on Friday that the business has been under review, and they “recognize the term is derogatory.”

“We are committed to being a part of the solution on racial equality, and recognize the term is derogatory,” Elizabell Marquez, head of marketing at Dreyer’s Grand, said in a statement.

“This move is part of a larger review to ensure our company and brands reflect our people values,” Marquez added.

Eskimo Pie is just the latest brand that will undergo a major change as the national narrative continues to focus on protests and racial justice. – READ MORE

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