Epstein’s Former “Best Pal”: Have Pity On Poor Little Jeffrey Epstein


According to one of his longtime confidantes, Jeffrey Epstein was not a sicko: he was just sick. So argues scientist Stuart Pivar, who in an off-the-cuff interview to Mother Jones a few weeks ago, claimed that Epstein was plagued by a rare disease that made him horny all the time:

Jeffrey had a severe case of what’s called satyriasis, the male counterpart of nymphomania. e was beset with pathology, like a disease.

Pivar, who said Epstein was his “best pal for decades,” acknowledged that he had witnessed Epstein’s virulent libido “at close range.” Despite his own claims that Epstein “did stuff with underage girls…by the hundreds,” Pivar continued to mount a dubious defense of Epstein, in which he blamed the transgressions of his fallen friend on this supposed malady.

As it happens, satyriasis, or sex addiction, is not listed among the over 300 conditions detailed in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual for Psychiatric Disorders (DSM-V). But that didn’t stop Pivar from rebranding Epstein’s predatory behavior as a serious medical condition:

Jeffrey was a very, very, very sick man. He couldn’t help himself, he was afflicted with . If he had tuberculosis it wouldn’t be called a perversion, would it? Because he coughed too much?

Perhaps Pivar’s perspective can help us better understand some of the world’s infamous financial scandals. – READ MORE

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