Epstein Tapes Emerge: Dead Pedophile Describes His Lifestyle In Unearthed Recordings


In 2003, Jeffrey Epstein sat for five hours to give a rare interview with journalist David Bank, offering his thoughts on subjects ranging from mathematics, to exorbitant wealth, to the important of prenuptial agreements.

After Epstein’s arrest on July 6, Bank dug out the tapes and listened to them. The financier was, Bank recalled, friendly and gracious, eager to pontificate about many things but cagey about exactly what he did in his role as financial adviser to Leslie Wexner, the billionaire he met in Palm Beach in the 1980s and who opened doors for him in business and finance and beyond. –Bloomberg

Having obtained copies of the interview, Bloomberg‘s Tom Metcalf offers select clips of the interview from a”sling-back chair on his private Carribean island.”

“But why speak here, in a gazebo steps from the crystal-blue sea, rather than up in the grand main house?

Too many girls,” Epstein said. And with that, the tape began to roll.”

I realize what I am. I’m very comfortable in my own skin. I’m not a helicopter pilot. What I’m really free to do is I feel free to follow my own personality. As we discussed yesterday, I can’t be totally wacko in what I do. It affects lots of other people who will get angry with what I do because then it affects me again. But on my own island or on my own ranch, I can think the thoughts I want to think. I can do the work I want to do and I’m free to explore as I see fit.

Epstein also discussed his former clients and what he did for them, saying that he handled money for “Less than 10. More than four” individuals. He also went into some detail on how he counseled Victoria’s Secret head honcho Les Wexner. “I don’t tell him what sweaters to buy, he doesn’t tell me when to buy or sell stock.” – READ MORE (MORE TAPES)

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