Emergency Field Hospital Dismantled After Treating Zero Coronavirus Patients


Washington was the first state to be hit hard by SARS-CoV-2, suffering a couple dozen deaths and hundreds of infections before most states even had a single case.

But the latest data shows the state is “flattening the curve” — the rate of infection is slowing, hospitalizations are dropping and the number of deaths per day has already peaked and begun to drop, officials say.

The virus has been battled so successfully that a huge Army field hospital built by hundreds of troops inside a Seattle convention center last week will be dismantled — having never treated a single patient. The mobile hospital will be sent to another state that is still seeing a daily increase in the number of cases and hospitalizations, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said.

“Our community mitigation measures, combined with the amazing work of our hospitals and health care providers throughout the region, as well as our procurement of various hospital supplies, lends us to believe that at this point, our hospitals should have enough capacity to support a surge in patients,” the Democrat said in a statement. “We requested this resource before our physical distancing strategies were fully implemented and we had considerable concerns that our hospitals would be overloaded with COVID-19 cases.” – READ MORE

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