Elon Musk’s SpaceX plans go up in smoke as Pentagon investigation of pot smoking nears end


Could Elon Musk’sOpens a New Window. dreams of starting a space colony on Mars soon be up in smoke?

The Department of DefenseOpens a New Window. is weighing whether to suspend or revoke the techOpens a New Window. entrepreneur’sOpens a New Window. security clearance for his SpaceXOpens a New Window. private venture that launches spy satellites for the federal government following an incident last year where he smoked a marijuana cigaretteOpens a New Window. during an appearance on a comedian’s podcast, FOX Business has learned.

Smoking pot is a prohibited activity for people who have federal government security clearances and have access to classified information. Musk gained such clearance because SpaceX has government contracts from the U.S. Air ForceOpens a New Window. and other federal agencies to launch rockets and spy satellites into outer space. Musk has said the ultimate goal of SpaceX is to colonize Mars.

But Musk has clearly thrown his lofty ambitions into disarray thanks to his bizarre performance last September during a podcast hosted by comedian Joe Rogan, where he sipped whiskey, brandished a Samurai sword, and then took a long toke on a joint. As first reported by FOX Business, the government immediately began reviewing the matter with the U.S. Air Force launching an inquiry for possible violations of Musk’s security clearance that prohibits the use of illegal drugs.

Marijuana remains a prohibited substance, according to federal guidelines, even as some states have decriminalized pot usage.- READ MORE

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