Ellen Degeneres, Who ‘Landed’ Exclusive Interview With Jesus Campos, is Paid Millions From MGM Contract


Everyone wants to know how Ellen Degeneres of all people landed the sole interview with embattled Las Vegas security guard ‘hero’ Jesus Campos who had been in seclusion for a week.

Simple. She’s on MGM’s payroll too.

Degeneres gets paid handsomely in the form of a lucrative contract for high-tech Ellen-themed and licensed slot machines in MGM’s dozens of worldwide casinos, including Mandalay Bay, the site of the Oct. 1 mass shooting where 58 people died and over 500 more were injured.

The digital slot machine contract has been active since approximately late 2014 between Degeneres, gaming giant IGT and MGM.

“Ellen has made millions from the slot machine licensing,” a gaming executive who previously worked for IGT and a number of Las Vegas casinos said. “These slots are very popular especially with women.”

Gaming giant IGT manufactures two different versions of Ellen-themed digital slot machines.

Ellen then is not simply an independent talk show host who landed a rare interview but a part of the MGM family. Is anyone surprised by this development in the bizarre aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre?

Degeneres, who openly campaigned against Donald Trump during the election, conveniently failed to disclose those financial ties with MGM during her Wednesday show which featured the Campos interview.

MGM, who owns Mandalay Bay, is working hard to control the narrative of the Oct. 1 massacre. Campos has been under a gag order for weeks and instructed to avoid all media. An armed guard has been camped out in front of his Las Vegas home.

MGM was almost forced to parade Campos in front of some type of media after the shooting and eyewitness narrative started to spin out of control. On Tuesday it was revealed Campos’ union president and media handler’s house and office was previously raided by federal agents and the union has a troubling recent history of corruption.

Campos had been in seclusion since last Thursday. MGM officials said on Tuesday they knew his location but were withholding it because Campos was shy. MGM was accused of hiding Campos.

MGM’s bogus claims about Campos’ shyness were released at the same time the security guard was taping a television show for a national audience. Talk about disingenuous spin. Why not simply tell the media the truth? For a change.

No one on the MGM or FBI side wants Campos seriously cross examined by actual journalists or attorneys. Hence, the armed guard parked outside his house. He is the glue holding the FBI’s flaky narrative of the shooting together. And it is certainly flaky.

Ellen could not be reached for comment.

No worries. Cue the Ellen and Obama dance party video clip.



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