Elizabeth Warren: People Who Are Hateful ‘Celebrate’ President Trump (VIDEO)


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) spoke to CNN’s Don Lemon on Monday and discussed President Trump’s supposed role in the mass shootings that ravaged communities in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. She proclaimed Trump has “created plenty of space for hate,” adding that hateful people “celebrate” the president while noticeably ignoring her role as the choice candidate of the Dayton shooter.

The presidential candidate spoke about the shootings that occurred over the weekend and told Lemon the president has “created plenty of space for hate.”

“Donald Trump says ‘hate has no place in this country.’ Donald Trump has created plenty of space for hate,” she proclaimed.

“He is a racist. He has made one racist remark after another. He has put in place racist policies, and we’ve seen the consequences of it,” she continued, seemingly bashing Trump supporters by calling those who “celebrate” and support the president “hateful.”

“People who are hateful feel like they are now in power,” Warren said. “They are protected. They celebrate this president.” – READ MORE

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