Elizabeth Warren Embarrasses Herself With Innacurate Facebook Rant Attacking Her Own Donor

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A nationally elected loudmouth from the Northeast doesn’t think before opining on Twitter and is suddenly found in an embarrassing back-and-forth with a smart person and public figure who was totally misrepresented by the original tweet. But the politician remains stubborn and even hostile about the mistake, stands by the tweet, and moves merrily along with adulation from the base unchanged and unwavering.

Most would guess “Mr. Trump, on the Twitter, with the tweet” for this offense. But this time it was “Sen. Warren, on the Facebook, with the post” who murdered irony by unknowingly attacking one of her own donors and vocal supporters for being a fat-cat billionaire who opposes all regulation of Wall Street and only wants to personally benefit from President-elect Donald Trump’s plan to Make America Great Again by squeezing the little guy. – READ MORE

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