Elaine Chao Cited for Misuse of Office by Inspector General


The Transportation Department’s Inspector General made public on Wednesday a report that cites repeated examples of former Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao allegedly using her staff and her office to help benefit her family and their business operations and revealed that staff members at the agency had raised ethics concerns.

Elaine Chao is Sen. Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) wife, who notably resigned the day after the Capitol riot.

The inspector general’s investigation detailed a series of instances in which Elaine Chao reportedly directed her staff to spend federal government time and resources to help with matters related to a family shipping company and her father.

“A formal investigation into potential misuses of position was warranted,” Mitch Behm, the department’s deputy inspector general, said on Tuesday in a letter to House lawmakers, accompanying a 44-page report detailing the investigation and the findings of wrongdoing.

The report indicated “Chao had used her staff to make extensive arrangements in 2017 for the planned trip to China, which was canceled just before her planned departure after ethics concerns were raised.”

The Chao family company, Foremost Group, was responsible as of 2019 for a large portion of orders at one of China’s biggest state-funded shipyards and has secured long-term charters with a Chinese state-owned steelmaker, Breitbart News found. Foremost’s ships carry bulk cargo such as iron ore and coal, focusing on shipping those commodities to China. – READ MORE

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