Eerie pictures show untouched Fukushima ‘exclusion zone’


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A photographer has shared haunting images of the abandoned Fukushima earthquake ‘exclusion zone’ after risking his safety to sneak into the disaster site.

Wearing a gas mask but no other protective clothing Keow Wee Loong visited four of the evacuated towns in Fukushima – Tomioka, Okuma, Namie and Futaba – in June this year.

Lying completely untouched since March 2011, the city of Fukushima was evacuated suddenly after the east coast of Japan was devastated by a massive earthquake followed by a huge tsunami.

The 27-year-old’s images give an eerie insight into the panic that followed the disaster.

They show a city stuck in time as calendars remain on the same date, families’ clean washing is half-removed from driers and newspapers remain forever unsold. – READ MORE



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