Eclipse Theater pulls two Las Vegas shooting documentaries away from lineup


Two separate filmmakers who were attempting to pay tribute to 1 October victims have accused the Eclipse Theater of unprofessional and insensitive conduct by failing to screen their movies.

Charlie Minn, the director of A Nightmare in Las Vegas, said his film was supposed to debut on Friday at the Eclipse.

“They were very enthusiastic. They said, ‘This is the kind of film that we want to play,'” Minn described. “They pulled it, and the way they pulled it was completely unacceptable and beyond unprofessional… You would think they’d be a little more sensitive towards it, but they don’t care. They didn’t get shot. They don’t care.”

Minn said the Eclipse ignored him for at least a month before an employee told him they changed their mind, without specifying a reason. A spokesperson for the theater told FOX5 they did not screen Minn’s film because he did not sign a contract or make a deposit. Minn said that was a lie.

“They know what they did,” he said. “How could I believe anything coming out of their mouths? … You don’t tell someone you’re going to do something and then just pull out like a coward.” – READ MORE

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