Eager to slam Trump, Schumer contradicts himself in support of Chief Justice Roberts, critics say


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was quickly mocked Friday after praising Chief Justice John Roberts of the U.S. Supreme Court for rebuking President Trump’s recent “Obama judges” comment — while at the same time slamming Roberts’ “partisan decisions.”

“I don’t agree very often with Chief Justice Roberts, especially his partisan decisions which seem highly political on Citizens United, Janus, and Shelby,” the Democrat wrote in a Twitter message. “But I am thankful today that he — almost alone among Republicans — stood up to President Trump and for an independent judiciary.”

Critics on social media and elsewhere pointed out that in issuing a two-sided response to the Trump-Roberts exchange, Schumer was effectively agreeing with the president, who had criticized the courts for partisanship.

Some wondered whether Schumer had even recognized the mistake.

“I wonder if Chuck realizes how he’s contradicting himself and proving Trump’s point in this statement? I doubt it,” Twitter user Derek Hunter. wrote.

“So Schumer rips the Judiciary as being partisan in the same tweet that he praises Roberts for responding to Trump for criticizing the judiciary as being partisan… Stunning!” another user on social media commented.- READ MORE

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