Due to massive postal failures, New York will count many mailed-in ballots even if they’re not postmarked by the deadline, or postmarked at all


A federal judge ruled Monday that approximately 1,000 absentee ballots that were not postmarked by the deadline — if they were even postmarked at all — must be counted in a New York congressional primary that still hasn’t been decided after six weeks, according to The New York Times.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y) appears to have beaten challenger Suraj Patel in the Democratic primary for New York’s 12th congressional district, but her current margin over Patel is only 3,700 votes, and there are more than 12,000 disputed ballots.

Judge Analisa Torres of Federal District Court in Manhattan ruled that 1,000 of the disputed ballots must be counted after failures by the postal service have undermined the election and delayed a final result by nearly two months. From the Times:

Under Judge Torres’s decision, ballots received the day after Election Day — June 24 — will be counted “without regard to whether such ballots are postmarked by June 23.” Mr. Patel estimates that this amounts to about 1,200 ballots, which would not be enough for him to overtake Ms. Maloney. Ballots that were received by June 25 — two days after the election deadline — would also be valid, so long as they did not have a postmark later than June 23.

In sworn testimony last week, postal officials conceded that their system of identifying and postmarking ballots — a critical element in determining whether ballots were sent by the Election Day deadline — was not foolproof, and that some ballots had not been postmarked. – READ MORE

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