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Dubai man shells out $9 million for license plate


An Indian businessman lived up to Dubai’s wild reputation last week when he dropped a cool $9 million on a single-digit license plate for his Rolls-Royce.

According to the Independent, Balwinder Sahani, an Indian-born property developer living in Dubai, won plate number D5 at a government auction on Saturday, October 29. This isn’t the first time Sahani has scored a coveted low-number plate at auction, either. The self-proclaimed ‘simple man’ spent nearly $7 million dollars on plate O9 at an auction last year for his other Rolls-Royce, and picked up a second, unnamed plate at Saturday’s auction for a piddling $272 thousand. Sahni considers the money he spends collecting license plates a form of charity and public service. Dubai has no income tax, and the money spent chasing elite license plates goes directly to Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority. – READ MORE

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