Drug Dealers Are Peddling Environmentally-Conscious ‘Woke Coke’ At Four Times Higher Than Street Prices


British citizens can purchase environmentally-conscious “woke coke.”

Dealers are marketing the cocaine to wealthy buyers in what experts suspect is a clever scam.

As The Mirror reports:

So-called “woke coke” has been touted as being ethically sourced from well-paid farmers. But drugs experts say claims it may help the planet are nothing more than “clever marketing” to keep prices high.

Far from saving trees, they say increased demand for it is only contributing to an environmental disaster in South America, where the overwhelming majority is sourced. Experts estimate that for every gram of powder snorted in Britain, four square metres of rainforest is cut down.

So with every sniff, ­rainforests are being slowly but irreparably destroyed and the cycle of bloodshed and misery linked to the trade goes on and on.

As former Detective Sergeant and current Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP UK) leader Neil Woods explained to The Mirror, the drug — which sells for £200 ($277) per gram — is merely a “woke coke con.”

“The dealers can lie because the government has no control and they are being increasingly clever about how they operate,” he said. “The amount of money being made is obscene — the cocaine industry generates around £2.5 billion [$3.46 billion] annually in the UK.”

Lawrence Gibbons, Head of Drug Threat at Britain’s National Crime Agency, asserted that “the cocaine trade inevitably drives violence and destruction in the UK and abroad, ranging from violence and exploitation in source countries to young and vulnerable people on the streets of the UK put at significant risk.” – READ MORE

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