Dr. Jordan Peterson Talks Personality Differences Between Liberals And Conservatives (VIDEO)


Psychology professor Jordan Peterson said that liberals excelled in “openness” and conservatives excelled in “conscientiousness” while speaking with Rob Shimshock on “The Shimshock Show.”


The University of Toronto professor argued that liberals display the personality trait of “openness,” which he linked to an affinity for abstraction and aesthetics. Meanwhile, he posited that conservatives demonstrate “conscientiousness,” which makes them good at administrating but not creating.

“A lot of what determines your political orientation is biological temperament,” said Peterson, outlining liberal “openness” and conservative “conscientiousness.” “Each of those different temperamental types needs the other type so economically speaking, for example, we need liberals to start businesses, and we need conservatives to run them.”

“The whole point of a democracy is to continue the dialogue between people of different temperamental types so that we don’t move so far to the right that everything becomes encapsulated in stone and doesn’t move, or so far to the left that everything dissolves in [a] kind of mealy-mouthed chaos,” said the professor. “The only way that you can navigate between those two shoals is through discussion, which is why free speech is such an important value.”

Peterson also discussed the political trajectory of Canada under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, arguing that the political spectrum in the country is shifted to the left, relative to that of the U.S.

“The Liberal party in Canada has tilted very strongly to the left, which isn’t what the electorate expected because they would’ve voted for the NDP – the socialist party – if they wanted the left-leaning party,” said Peterson. “So they got a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

The full interview can be viewed here.

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