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Don’t Be Played By The Liberal Media: An Open Letter to All Minorities


After President Donald Trump’s shocking defeat of Hillary Clinton, you would think members of the mainstream media would take a good look in the mirror to begin to evaluate how they got the outcome so wrong. Instead, the same people who promised us Trump had no chance of victory are hysterically insisting that the world is coming to an end.

For months, we were told that a Clinton victory was inevitable, and nearly every poll seemed to confirm this viewpoint. Of course Clinton did end up winning the popular vote, as many national polls projected, but her losses in swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida, coupled with surprising Trump showings in states like Michigan and Wisconsin, led to a decisive Trump electoral victory predicted by almost no one outside his most devoted supporters.

One explanation for the overconfidence of the media in Clinton’s victory was that journalists were simply reporting what they wanted to be true, rather than what was actually happening. Indeed, a 2016 report by the Center for Public Integrity confirmed that 96 percent of people working in journalism who donated to a presidential campaign gave their money to Hillary Clinton. But with the overwhelming majority of media outlets and individual reporters so heavily biased against Trump, how was he able to prevail? Not only that, how did a man that the media repeatedly insisted was racist successfully win a larger percentage of the black and Latino vote than Mitt Romney did in 2012? – READ MORE

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