WATCH: Donny Deutsch Somehow Blames Trump For ESPN Fiasco


MSNBC host Donny Deutsch tried to blame President Donald Trump on Thursday for ESPN’s decision to remove Robert Lee from a UVA football broadcast.

“Morning Joe” cohost Willie Geist thought that ESPN “stepped in it” when they removed Lee from the broadcast, explaining that the UVA and William & Mary matchup is not even set to be a highly viewed football game.

Cohost Donny Deutsch, apparently desparate to disparage Trump, had a different take.

“It does show with what’s happening, starting obviously with the president on down, how the country is just on edge to the point where you get this insane overreaction,”  Deutsch said.

Unfortunately for him, no one else seemed to get his point, and the rest of the “Morning Joe” crew awkwardly sat in silence.

Geist eventually responded with a less than enthusiastic, “yeah,” but Deutsch already looked quite silly.


Yesterday, appearing as a guest on Nicole Wallace’s MSNBC show, Deutsch attempted to diagnose Trump as a sociopath by reading sociopathic tendencies from an internet article. A google search revealed that he probably researched the information from a Wikihow article.

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