Donald Trump Schools 60 Minutes & Condescending MSM Battle Axe Lesley Stahl (Video)


The mainstream media, namely CBS News this time, Still doesn’t get it. They are toast.

A portion of the sloppy and lazy 60 Minutes hit piece Sunday on President Elect Donald Trump only furthers this point.

CBS correspondent Lesley Stahl, looking like she was made up for a big night out at Bingo, tried to blame and repeatedly scold Trump for street riots in an over-the-top condescending tone throughout the interview. Then in perhaps the most telling portion of the one-on-one, Stahl attempted to get Trump to disavow using Twitter and social media as President.

Trump all but laughed in her face. Trump politely tried to explain to Stahl that he doesn’t need CBS News to convey his message to the American people when he can do it himself. Stahl seemed bewildered. A U.S. President wouldn’t use the media to convey his message?

No, Lesley. Those days are over.


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