Donald Trump Jr. hits Sunny Hostin in Twitter feud: What’s it like to get paid by network that ‘protected’ Epstein?


Donald Trump Jr. continued his Twitter battle with “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin after his fiery appearance on the daytime program, asking her what’s like to “draw a paycheck” from a network that “protected pedophile-rapist Jeffery Epstein.”

On Thursday, Trump Jr. was slammed by the ladies of “The View” for sharing the reported identity of the intelligence community whistleblower who helped jump-start the impeachment inquiry into his father, President Trump. Hostin went even further and suggested that Trump Jr. committed a “federal crime” for disclosing the name.

Trump Jr. knocked the liberal TV personality by sharing an article refuting her claims.

“Not sure where The View’s @Sunny got her law degree from, but she should think about asking for a refund,” Trump Jr. swiped.

Hostin shot back, asking, “Did you also think what you did at the Trump Foundation was legal?”

Her jab referenced the New York Attorney General’s announcement on Thursday that a judge had ordered Trump to pay $2 million in damages for improper use of Trump Foundation funds in connection with the 2016 presidential primaries and his own political purposes, as part of a lawsuit Trump and the foundation settled with state Attorney General Letitia James. – READ MORE

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