Don Lemon Speaks Over Terry Crews: Dead Black Children Are ‘Not What Black Lives Matter Is About’ (VIDEO)


On Monday night, CNN host Don Lemon spoke over black actor Terry Crews, lecturing him about the Black Lives Matter movement. Crews noted that Black Lives Matter has a broad range of demands far outside the realm of police brutality, and if other black voices try to suggest other approaches to various issues, they find themselves shut down and branded as “Uncle Toms.” Lemon illustrated Crews’ point by speaking over him, dismissing the actor’s concerns about black-on-black crime that has killed innocent children caught in the crossfire.

Crews began the interview noting that “when you issue a warning and a warning is seen as detrimental to the movement,” you get shut down.

“When you have the leaders of the black lives movement who are now talking about, ‘If we don’t get our demands we’re going to burn it down,’ other black people who are talking about working with other whites and other races being viewed as sellouts or called uncle toms, you start to understand that you are now being controlled,” Crews argued.

“Someone wants to control the narrative, and I view it as a very very dangerous self-righteousness,” the actor explained. He suggested that the leaders of BLM view “themselves as better,” that “their black lives mattered a lot more than mine.” – READ MORE

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