Dominion Fails To Appear For State Hearing


It’s safe to say that something illegal happened during the 2020 election. If not by the Democrats, then by the software company behind the voting systems – Dominion. The only reason the Democrats are not more upset about the alleged election meddling is that Joe Biden somehow managed to get more votes than any President in history. But while the media and the Dems continue to call us conspiracy theorists – why did Dominion skip a hearing to tell their side of the story?

GOP leaders in Pennsylvania are calling out the company after they didn’t send lawyers and failed to appear at a committee hearing. On Friday, Seth Grove (R-Pa.) stated, “I am saddened to report to the taxpayers of Pennsylvania and the 1.3 million voters who trusted Dominion Voting Systems with their ballots that Dominion has hung you out to dry and slapped you in your faces.”

Dominion first came under the spotlight when the Trump Administration blamed a supposed glitch that switched a majority of Trump’s votes to Joe Biden. The committee hearing was for the company to finally make a statement, but yet they decided not to show up at all. While this doesn’t make them guilty, it does make them look suspect. – READ MORE

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