DOJ GONE WILD: Rogers Stone Sentencing of Decade in Prison Reversed — CHAOS Inside Rogue Justice Department


The cesspool of DC what insiders call the Justice Department is on full display for Americans to see how career prosecutors can try to imprison Roger Stone for almost a decade for the political equivalent of jaywalking — and THEN — hours later, yank the sentencing recommendations and look like complete fools.

This on the heels of chaos surrounding the sentencing of Gen. Mike Flynn. As one prosecutor revealed: “This place is a f*cking mess. There are so many different little wars going on and then the biggest game — covering your ass when things go bad.”

And lately, things have been going bad. Very bad. What we are learning is that folks can be sentenced to whatever the Justice Department recommends, regardless of merit or the sentencing guidelines that are supposed to serve as a barometer — a fair barometer — for how long criminal defendants are incarcerated. Justice Department insiders said new sentencing recommendations will now be formulated for Roger Stone to replace yesterday’s demand that he serve seven to nine years … for what exactly we are still not sure.

Welcome to the cesspool of American ‘justice’ on the federal level, where one’s fortune can be reveresed with the roll of the dice, social media outrage — or a Tweet from President Trump. This makes Wheel of Fortune look like a church picnic. Meanwhile, the Clinton’s and their criminal cartel remain free as birds. –Thomas Paine

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