DOJ asks Supreme Court to take up case of military transgender ban


The Supreme Court on Friday got a request from the Department of Justice, asking that it quickly hear cases regarding President Trump’s ban on certain transgender individuals joining the military.

The DOJ asked the nation’s highest court to take up three cases on the matter, The Associated Press reported — an unusual mov,e as the Supreme Court doesn’t normally hear cases ahead of federal appeals courts’ decisions on them.

Lower courts have stood in the way of Trump officials’ ability to carry out the policy.

“Absent an immediate grant of certiorari, there is thus little chance of a prompt resolution of the validity of Secretary Mattis’ proposed policy. And so long as this or any other injunction remains in place, the military will be forced nationwide to maintain the Carter policy — a policy that the military has concluded poses a threat to ‘readiness, good order and discipline, sound leadership and unit cohesion,’ which ‘are essential to military effectiveness and lethality.’” – READ MORE

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