Doctors Without Conscience: Group Refused To Negotiate As ISIS Chief Raped And Killed Kayla Mueller


Doctors Without Borders had the opportunity to help negotiate the release of American ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller, but left her to be raped and killed by Islamic State leader Abu Bakr Al-Bagdadi.

“I don’t think there was a moral responsibility,” Jason Cone, a U.S. Doctors Without Border’s spokesman told ABC News when confronted. “We can’t be in the position of negotiating for people who don’t work for us.”

Mueller was a humanitarian activist who worked in Southern Turkey assisting Syrian refugees. She traveled to Aleppo, Syria, for a single day along with her boyfriend to help install some Doctors Without Border’s equipment. She was not part of an official Doctors Without Borders delegation, but was abducted by ISIS from one of the non-profit’s vehicles after departing Aleppo on August 3.

Mueller eventually made her way to an ISIS safe house where she was made to be Bagdadi’s personal sex slave. Bagdadi reportedly Mueller upon her arrival, “I am going to marry you by force and you are going to be my wife. If you refuse, I will kill you. – READ MORE

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