DNC Unknowingly Suicides with Trump Suit, Opens Door for Trump to Depose Hillary


When the news broke Friday that the Democrat National Committee had filed a federal lawsuit against the Trump campaign for literally helping its candidate win an election, the party’s water-carriers in the media were full of intimations that it was the end of the Trump presidency.

But as the story settles in that the DNC is accusing Trump’s camp of being involved in the hacking of the DNC’s computer systems, some possibilities raised by the suit make it look like the worst potential move by Democrats since the party made Hillary Clinton its nominee in 2016.

But conservative radio host Mark Simone is raising another possibility, and it’s one that could make any DNC lawsuit over the 2016 elections very uncomfortable for the party and its leaders.

“Of course the DNC lawsuit against Trump, Russia and Wikileaks was just a cheap Stormy Daniels PR stunt, but major Dems are furious at the DNC,” Simone wrote. “This lawsuit would allow Trump to do discovery, to depose and put under oath Hillary, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Obama and others.” – READ MORE

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