DNC shuns its anti-Trump Kremlin dossier in collusion law suit


The Democratic National Committee’s Russia collusion law suit against the Trump campaign cites a number of press stories, tweets and investigative reports as evidence, but there is one notable absence.

The 66-page suit doesn’t mention the Christopher Steele dossier, an investigation financed by the very same DNC as well as the Hilary Clinton campaign and sourced to Kremlin operatives.

Just like the DNC law suit, Mr. Steele’s 35 pages is filled with allegations of collusion against President Trump and his aides.

Conservatives say the dossier is evidence of election collusion, not with Republicans, but between Democrats and Moscow.

Many liberals and Democrats, such as Rep. Adam Schiff of California, have embraced Mr. Steele and the dossier as true. The liberal press has also vouched for Mr. Steele.

Mr. Steele’s charges were circulated in Washington by Fusion GPS, Mr. Steele’s paymaster. At least two news stories appeared based on his allegations before the Nov. 8 election. The Clinton campaign also spread dossier information.

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