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    DNC Refuses to Return Kevin Spacey’s Political Contributions; Might Need the Cash to Pay Office Bills


    Money talks. Bullsh*t walks.

    Kevin Spacey’s controversial actions are bad enough to draw criticism from the DNC but not a refund of the cash he gave to the Democratic mother ship.

    Days ago, Spacey was accused of pinning a 14-yr-old boy down on a bed and propositioning him for sex. Spacey released his response to the shocking accusations via Twitter and said he was probably drunk at the time and by the way, he’s gay.

    And he’s officially coming out as a gay man.

    That defense set off a deserved firestorm from all sides.

    But it apparently is not enough of a scandal for the DNC to reject or return the $20,000 Spacey contributed directly to the DNC’s Washington D.C. headquarters or the $2,000 Spacey gave to John Kerry’s presidential campaign.Spacey forked over the $20K in 2000, FEC records show. Spacey listed his employer as Miramax.

    Attempts to secure details on why the DNC refuses to refund, reject or donate the Spacey cash to a charity were not met with open arms by DNC officials.

    A representative did say the DNC was having some financial issues which included offices expenses, because political contributions have significantly dipped.

    Sounds like a real House of Cards.


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