DNC Chief denies She was at hospital night of Seth Rich murder; Then Metro Police Drop the Hammer on DEM Leader


Donna Brazile, the former interim head of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), flatly denied claims by conservative blogger Matt Couch that she was at the same hospital where former DNC Staffer Seth Rich died.

Couch made several claims on Sunday and Monday that Brazile and Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Browser were at the hospital Rich was taken to the morning he was killed on July, 10 2016.

Couch said he had “credible” information from sources and added that he had information that was “verifiable” and he has “a way to prove it.”

Brazile on Monday claimed to be on the west coast at the time of the murder.

But two D.C. Metropolitan Police sources told True Pundit on Monday that the new revelations are relatively accurate.

“Ask Brazile for her cell phone records on the date involved,” one police source said. “That would settle it.

Pull the hospital (cctv video) tape from 4 am and let’s see who is on video arriving at the hospital. If you have nothing to hide, give Metro permission to release basic evidence.”

Credible points. Sounds very simple. Let’s see some records.

Don’t hold your breath.

Brazile snapped on Monday after the allegations, lashing out on Twitter and commissioning her lawyers to attack Couch.

Mayor Bowser’s office also denied the report. READ MORE:

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