DNC Chair Says the Dem Nominee ‘Won’t Stand a Chance’ Against Trump Without More Cash


The chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) said that the party’s nominee for the 2020 presidential election would not “stand a chance” against President Donald Trump.

According to the Washington Examiner, DNC Chairman Tom Perez sent an email to supporters where he called the recently released record-breaking fundraising numbers from the Republican National Committee (RNC) “daunting” and called for Democratic donors to “turn up the heat” on their fundraising efforts to stop the party’s candidates across the nation from being “overwhelmed by the GOP’s money machine.”

“We don’t have to match Trump and the RNC dollar for dollar in order to beat them, but it’s clear that we urgently need to turn up the heat on our fundraising to keep our eventual nominee and Democrats nationwide from being overwhelmed by the GOP’s money machine in the general election.”

He went on to say that the person who has been chosen to run for the party in the 2020 presidential election would not “stand a chance” against the president and the Republican “fundraising machine” without more money. – READ MORE

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