Divorced Mom With Nine-Year-Old Daughter Boasts Of Running Escort Service: ‘I’m A Pimp’


In an article published by The Huffington Post, a divorcee who is a former native of San Francisco and has a nine-year-old daughter boasts of her job as a madam in New Zealand, writing that her daughter “knows I won’t be home until long after bedtime. That’s because I’m a pimp.”

Antonia Murphy informs readers that she owns a “feminist escort agency,” called The Bach but protests, “This is not the career I expected to have. Having grown up in San Francisco, gone to private French school, taken piano lessons, I should probably be something ‘respectable,’ like a scientist or a teacher.”

Murphy writes, “When my daughter asks me what we do at The Bach, I explain it to her in words she can understand: ‘Ladies do dress-up and give kisses and cuddles to men and make lots of money.’”

And it’s a modest but classy operation too, Murphy points out:

First of all, The Bach is not the glamorous sex palace you might imagine. As it happens, I run the agency from a budget motel … in the end, the motel has worked well for us. It’s discreet for our clients and the rooms are all equipped with their own bathrooms. – READ MORE

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